Will The Color Of Painted Metal Roofing Panels Fade?

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Polyester paints are by far the cheapest paint and as to be expected have the lowest resistance to fading. Polyester painted metal roofing typically comes with a paint fade warranty ranging from one to five years. Some suppliers market polyester painted metal roofing as prime forty-year warrantied products. This makes pricing very attractive to the consumer but, in the end leads to extreme disappointment in the performance of the metal roof. You have heard the saying before, and when it comes to painted metal roofing it holds true. You get what you pay for.

Siliconized modified polyester or SMP uses polymerized silicone to vastly improve fade resistance and gloss retention when compared to polyester paints. You will not find a better SMP paint than the Sherwin Williams WeatherXL line of paints. A&E Metal Roofing offers you quality metal roofing coated with Sherwin Williams WeatherXL or WeatherXL Crinkle Finish line of vibrant paint colors. All WeatherXL paints are designed for long lasting durability and extreme fade resistance. Sherwin Williams WeatherXL painted metal roofing is always applied with a primer layer and not one but two top coat layers. WeatherXL paint carries a forty-year warranty and not only ensures fade-resistance but also increases the corrosion resistance of your metal roofing panels.

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Will the color of painted metal roofing panels fade?
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