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Common question: How soon can you have my metal roofing package ready?

Most other metal roofing manufacturers require a lead time of several days to have your metal roofing package ready. Even worse, some require weeks. No matter if you are a do-it- yourself homeowner or a roofing contractor, this kind of service costs valuable time and money.

At A&E Metal we maintain a consistent stock of inventory in over twenty different colors and finishes to make sure we are always prepared for your needs. We keep all of our standard trim and accessory items stocked and ready for pick up at a moments notice. Our constant and consistent inventory coupled with state-of- the-art manufacturing equipment allows us to have metal roofing orders ready in just a matter of hours. In fact, the majority of metal roofing packages are ready to go in less than an hour of the order being placed. No matter if you need one metal roofing panel or enough to fill a semi-truck load, your order is important to us and we strive to have it completed accurately and efficiently.

Being locally owned and operated, we are a part of the community just like you. That means we care about your needs and want to offer you consistent, fast, and dependable service that is unmatched in the industry. This attention to service makes A&E Metal the perfect place to purchase your new metal roofing.

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