Our Story

We are a locally owned and owner operated business with roots that begin over 30 years ago. At a rural Alabama flea market, from the back of a pickup truck, scrap metal was bought and resold to eager customers. It wasn’t long before the weekend scrap business was left behind and our focus was shifted entirely to buying and reselling complete metal roofing packages. Steadily over the years, through word-of-mouth marketing, we became the largest distributor in the Southeast for what was at the time the nation’s largest producer of metal roofing products. As our business grew, our supplier was unable to keep up with our demand, so we took action. In order to offer the most dependable and efficient service for our customers, we opened our first manufacturing facility in 1999. The rest as they say, is history. Today we are pleased to offer you the highest quality of metal roofing products and a level of service that is still unmatched in the industry.